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Managing Difficulties with Tenants

Most multi-property landlords will experience difficulties with tenants at some stage in their experience. From non-payment of rent to refusing landlord access, these types of issues can be extremely costly and frustrating. Nevertheless, how you approach these situations is key. Follow certain steps and you should be able to resolve any issues with a minimum impact on your business.

Deal Promptly with Any Issues

Whilst you may feel you would like to give tenants the benefit of the doubt, it often pays to address issues as soon as they arise.

Non-payment of rent is one of the most common issues facing landlords in the UK. It is advisable to contact the tenant by telephone straight after their rent due date has passed. There may be a legitimate reason for the non-payment such as bank issues, and by promptly contacting the client; you should be able to resolve things quickly.

If you aren’t able to get through, try emailing them and send a read receipt. If you still don’t receive a response from them, advise the tenant in writing that you will be visiting the property in order to meet and discuss the problem.

Document Everything

If the issue escalates, you may need to build up a case to be presented in court, so documenting everything is essential. This includes all phone calls, emails and written correspondence. In addition, keep a record of the date and time of any visits to the property and whether or not the tenants allowed you access.

Using property maintenance software enables landlords to keep an accurate, up to date record of all information relating to a tenant. This record is invaluable when it comes to building a case for payment of arrears or in particularly difficult cases, eviction.

Schedule Important Dates in Your Calendar

If your tenant difficulties do become serious, you will need to schedule important calendar dates such as court submissions and hearings. Ensuring that all key dates are in a centralised diary with email reminders enables you to adequately prepare for any upcoming meetings or court appearances.

Follow Correct Procedures at All Times

It is essential to follow correct procedures at all times when facing difficulties with tenants. Handle any part of a legal claim incorrectly, and you could leave your business liable. It is always recommended to obtain proper legal advice, particularly once an issue has started to escalate.

When it comes to direct correspondence and contact with the tenant, never make any remark that could be interpreted as a threat. In addition, never enter the property without their permission, even if you feel that it may be being damaged. The period prior to a court hearing may try your patience, however by following protocol at all times, you will leave yourself in a strong position when it comes to the judgement.

Key Takeaways

Dealing with difficult tenants, can be extremely trying for a landlord and their business. Nevertheless, by obtaining solid legal advice and following it to the letter, you will leave yourself in the best possible position to resolve the issue and reclaim any monies owed.

Property maintenance software can provide a great support to landlords facing difficulties with their tenants. Using software ensures that any issues with tenants are picked-up on quickly, allowing landlords to deal with the problem in a timely and effective manner. Furthermore, the software maintains an easily accessible record of all paperwork that can quickly be produced, on demand.

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