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Most Common Property Maintenance Repairs in the average household.

Whether you’re a landlord or the homeowner, there are a number of appliances and equipment that need to be maintained to prevent future problems. If you’re a landlord and you don’t keep up with repairs you can be involved in a lengthy and costly legal process with your tenants!

Over 50% of households spend between £60 – £119 on housing costs in the UK on a weekly basis. Here at GNB Software we have made a list of the most common property repairs and maintenance in a household.

10 Common Property Maintenance Problems

Broken Appliances

13% of properties in the UK private renting sector have experienced problems with their kitchen units. Washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, and fridges are only just a few of the appliances in a household that are most likely to break down. If you are a landlord be sure to get these appliances seen to as soon as possible (especially ones like fridges!) or you could be breaking the law.

Boiler and hot water tank problems

17% of properties in the UK private renting sector have had heating complications. Being left without hot water or heating especially in the morning is not the best. Making sure you maintain regular boiler and water tank checks whether you’re a landlord or the homeowner. Prevention is better than cure!

Water Leaks and drips

Nothing is more annoying than the sound of a dripping tap or realising you have a massive water leak in the middle of the night. These problems also affect your water bill, but not in a positive way! As soon as you spot or are told about a leak, it should be attended to asap otherwise it could lead into more serious problems like the whole ceiling needing to be redone!

Toilet and plumbing issues

21% of properties in the UK private renting sector have experienced plumbing issues. Blocked toilets are the most popular bathroom problems. Especially if there is only one toilet in the house! As well as being blocked you can also get syphon issues, which can only be fixed by a plumber. To save a costly emergency callout, look after your toilet!

Damp and Mould

32% of properties in the UK private renting sector have experienced damp and mould problems. Damp if left can be a very serious problem both for the property and for people’s health. Asthmatics and people with low immune systems can get very ill from the present of damp and if you’re a landlord you can be involved in a hefty legal process if you don’t address the issue properly.

Electrical Complications

13% of properties in the UK private renting sector have experience electrical/wiring problems. Power cuts are unavoidable. However if it’s affecting only your property it could be a fault with the fuse box which can’t be solved with just a flick of a switch. It is best to get the electric back up as soon as possible as appliances like fridge freezers will be affected, and you don’t want to come back to ruined foods.


19% of properties in the UK private renting sector have problems with decorations such as wallpaper peeling and carpets being worn out. Consequences of delayed repairs can be having to re-decorate the entire property. Prevention is key in this instance. If a landlord choose more darker colours for carpets and walls, this will ensure stains aren’t as prominent. Tiles are good as they are easy to clean, maintain and you can use damp-preventing solutions on them. Wherever you can put tiles, use them!

Safety Checks/PAT Testing

If a landlord it is required to carry out PAT testing on electrical appliances, if you fail to do so you are in breach of the law. Safety checks should be done at least yearly and in doing so you can help prevent future problems with appliances, meaning less cost in the long term.

Pests and Rodents

Infestations can occur in any property but more-so in ones that are not clean or have a good amount of damp. Be sure to search for any entrances pests like ants can get in through, removing this access can prevent infestations. If a landlord be sure to see to the problem asap as pest control services are not a cheap service!

Garden Maintenance

Maintaining a garden regularly is a lot easier than leaving things to overgrow and having to do one big load of garden work; which could take days if we’re being honest! If a landlord depending on your tenants contract it may be your responsibility to maintain the garden, so make sure you check it! If it is the tenants responsibility you must provide the suitable equipment otherwise they can claim they couldn’t maintain it.

30% of the UK rent their home from either a private landlord or local authorities/housing associations. With the rise of house prices this is seemingly increasing, as now young adults cannot afford to even start saving for their own home. The standard Landlord now owns more than one rental property, meaning more property maintenance problems that have to be fixed.

If you are struggling to keep up with routine maintenance and need a system to organise repairs, try GNB Software’s Maintenance Management Software which is suitable for small repairs and large building repairs. If you’re also having trouble with maintenance costs for properties try out Property Maintenance Software where you can see all job status’ both scheduled visits and invoicing and which ones have or have not been invoiced.

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