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Redecorating Between Tenancies

How often should you redecorate?

Not every property will need to be redecorated once tenants leave. However, if you have had the same tenants for 2-4 years, then cosmetic improvements are most likely required. You may not be able to notice while there is someone living there, but your property can go through a lot when you’ve had the same tenants living there for some time.

Improvements don’t necessarily mean you have to change everything in the property. You could just update some items; especially if they look out-dated or are showing signs of wear.

What needs to be done?

Once a tenant has vacated the property you can begin to assess the damage. It’s important to access the property promptly and thoroughly.

Forget about your budget for a moment and create a list of everything that will need to be replaced or revamped. Order this list by priority. What urgently needs to be addressed and what can you leave.

While putting your list together, it’s a good idea to also jot down the rough costs for each of these tasks. By rounding each estimate up you will create a buffer, which can help prevent you going over budget. You should also be prepared for any unexpected costs that could come your way.

Keep in mind that not every task will need to be carried out before a new tenant moves in. You may be able to agree to carry out some work after the new tenancy starts.

Keeping on track

When time is of the essence, it’s key to stay organised. Plan out each task and schedule all of your time to ensure you don’t overrun. Again, it’s a good idea to over estimate how long tasks will take you. This should give you some breathing space if other problems occur.

When scheduling your time, try to identify which tasks need to happen first. For example, you will need to paint the walls before you put the new flooring down. This stops you from spilling paint on a brand new floor and ruining it before your new tenant has entered the property.

If you are going to need professional help then it is best to book them in the early stages of the project. This will mean you won’t be wasting anytime waiting for a professional to become available. It will also give you a deadline to get other tasks ready.

How Long Should It Take?

A redecoration between tenants should have a relatively short turnaround, taking around 2 weeks to complete. Remember, you’re not trying to refurbish the whole property, just key features.

To help manage your property after tenants have moved in, investing in maintenance management software will help you to keep track of progress and organise your schedule of tasks.

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